Polderlab Delft

  • Date: 2022 - 2024
  • Location: Delft, NL
  • Status: Under construction
  • Client: ZUS

The end of the polder as we know it is in sight. Due to climate change, rising sea levels, land subsidence, salinisation, drought, and loss of biodiversity, it has become inevitable that the Dutch polder landscape will undergo a fundamental transition. This necessitates new narratives and imagination for the polder of the future.

Polderlab Delft will be a place for thinking, designing, researching, making, testing, and discussing new types of landscapes, new ways of living together with the water, new crops, and new systems.

Polderlab Delft is a transformed old farm in the middle of the countryside between Rotterdam and Delft. It will be an autarkic monolith in the landscape, lifted above the ground. The colours of the complex will merge with the typical Dutch skies and celebrate the lush green landscape of meadows, orchards, and vegetable gardens. The adjacent meadow will serve as a testing field for new polder prototypes.

  • Design Team: Elma van Boxel, Kristian Koreman, Jan-Willem Terlouw, Lynn Ewalts, Auréli Griveaux, Sanne Allersma, Conxa Gene, Gilles Provoost, Denys Yakovenko, Dellaram Rajabpour, Antonia Cangosz
  • Contractor: Schotte Hoogerbrugge
  • Photo & video: 120M / Paul Swagerman
  • Advisors: Zonneveld ingenieurs, DGMR
  • Client: ZUS