• Waterwonen Almere

  • Date: 2021 - current
  • Location: Hortus Almere
  • Status: Design Phase
  • Client: Ontwikkelcombinatie Amvest Dura Vermeer (OCAD)
  • In collaboration with: Kokon Architectuur en Stedenbouw; Attika Architekten

After fulfilling its role as the World Horticultural Expo, The Floriade site will transform into 'Hortus residential district', with several special residential environments. Ancker, a district with 60 waterfront homes, is part of this district.

Fourty of the homes within this neighbourhood will be distributed among four floating jetties upon the water. The realization will be phased per jetty. 

In this plan, the distinction between living on land and living on water is accentuated. Once on the dock, the  experience of the Weerwater is maximized from both the docks between the residences as from inside each home.

The jetties carrying the residences are more than a necessary infrastructure, as their routes provide for a scenic experience. They also come with designated areas to enter the water and swim to one of the islands that are part of the active shared space within the plan.

The volume, roof shapes, colors, textures , materialization and facade openings as defined in the plan a distinctive floating residential landscape, inextricably linked to the Weerwater and downtown Almere.

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  • Client: Ontwikkelcombinatie Amvest Dura Vermeer (OCAD)