Brussels 2040

Strategic vision for the Metropolitan Region Brussels

The metropolitan area of Brussels is challenged by social-cultural dynamics and great economic growth coming decades. Therefore the Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest assigned three teams of architects and urbanists to propose a strategic vision for the metropolitan and regional development up to 2040. ZUS joined the team of KCAP/ARUP/Systematica.
The vision is based on a compact urban development to challenge demographical, globalization, environmental and economic dynamics. The city should be ‘recaptured’! Intensified land use, expanding the mobility machine of public transport and linking the regional landscapes into the city improves the spatial and social climate of the metropolitan area.
Instead of a blue print, a ‘spatial framework for quality’ is presented for the implementation of a program of strategies. These process-oriented planning guarantees spatial qualities enable gradual development, political and private alliances and is flexible to unexpected dynamics coming 30 years.


Name: Brussels 2040
Location: Brussels
Date: 2012
Area: 162 km2
Client: Ministry of the Capitol Region of Brussels
Status: Study
Jointly with: KCAP, ARUP & Systematica