Buurtschap Breezicht

Urban plan (SO)

Within the organic development strategy ZUS developed together with the municipality of Zwolle for the neighborhood of Breezicht, ZUS also designed the first buurtschap or ‘hamlet’. The starting principles of the design are incorporated in the development strategy, they include: a central public space, an interwoven relationship with the surrounding landscape, a strong identity and optimal use of the hamlet’s edge for housing.
The situation of the buurtschap on the waterfront of the Milliger plas is essential for the character of the design. The central public space is designed as a big grass dune, and the beach-landscape is continued inside the buurtschap by means of ‘green wedges’. These wedges are connected with public walking routes crossing the plan, which establish a further integration with the surrounding landscape and increase the public character.

The plan is designed in close consort with the municipality , developers and a housing corporation; an intensive but fruitful process. Because of this process different typologies and developmental strategies could be included: project development, collective private commissioning, social housing and private development. The result is a plan that is attuned to the market, but at the same time has a strong focus on public and collective spaces.


Name: 1ste Buutschap in Breezicht
Location: Stadshagen, Zwolle
Date: 2011-2012
Area: 6 ha.
Client: Municipality of Zwolle
Status: In development
Jointly with: Expertise Centrum Gemeente Zwolle