The Rotterdam Central District is currently finding itself in between great ambitions and unstable conditions. The current crisis, the office bubble, an non-visionary government and a conservative city zoning are restraining a fruitful development. Within this context this project we search for new perspectives on Maakbaarheid.
The municipality should be concerned with the long-term strategy: to radically connect the RCD to its context, to invest in high quality public space, to be pro-active when the market is behind and to stop treating program as an abstract matter. Private parties will then have a clear base on which they can develop their property.


Large scale developments have become pure speculations on a uncertain future. In this time of crisis we need to capitalize on existing potential and use this as a base for the future. Instead of shock and awe urbanism it takes a slow and precise transition using every temporary situation to test ambitions and the validity of ideas. Stacking these layers of tested ideas will finally compose a city fabric that is physically and mentally interwoven from the start and therefore of great value.

Name: Central District Rotterdam
Location: Rotterdam
Date: 2009
Area: 12.000 m2
Client: LSI and DS+V
Status: Exhibition, IABR4 Open City, Maakbaarheid
Commissioned by Crimson Architectural Historians for IABR 4