Stadshagen is a typical VINEX-suburb in the north of Zwolle. The general built-up consists of long rows of terraced housing: mono-functional and monotonous. After the first phase (ca. 8000 houses) was completed the municipality started looking for a new way of developing the rest of the area. The aim was to create more identity, variation, flexibility, excitement and liveliness. ZUS was selected together with Kuiper Compagnons to create a masterplan for Stadshagen+ (ca. 3000 houses), the first large-scale post-VINEX development.
Our vision for Stadshagen+ is to move away from traditional masterplanning where everything is designed, drawn up and built in one go.  We propose a more organic way of urbanism: creating this new expansion step by step. For Stadshagen+ we only designed the main public structures and the general rules which will guide future development. Instead of determining a very early stage where every house should go we only pin down the basic public spaces and structures that will guarantee the spatial quality and public life of the neighborhood. In this way changing political, economical and social factors can taken into account when designing the next stages of Stadshagen+.


Stadshagen+ is divided in two parts: de Tippe and Breezicht, both will have a radically different character. De Tippe will have a higher density and will be slightly urban. Here there are two main public structures an ‘urban lint’ (a reference to the linear villages in the area) which is the main route through the area and where all the shops and public facilities can be found, and a green ribbon of  ponds and pocket parks which connects surrounding eco-corridors. The area will grow from the lint on outwards.
Breezicht will be more rural: small and compact ‘villages’ (or neighborhoods) in an ‘open’ landscape. Here the landscape is the backbone of the area. It can be designed in phases but a first start can already be made: letting spatial quality grow gradually. The separate villages are ideal for incremental development: one village after the other can be built in the landscape. The masterplan guarantees the quality and quantity of the green space surrounding the villages.

The next step in the development of Stadshagen+ is a landscape plan for Breezicht and the development of two ‘pilot’ projects: one in de Tippe and one in Breezicht.

Name: Stadshagen+
Location: Zwolle
Date: 2008 >
Area: 140 ha.
Client: Municipality of Zwolle
Status: In progress
Jointly with: Kuiper Compagnons