The city of Maastricht is facing an enormous transformation. The A2 highway that splits the city in two will be redirected through a tunnel underneath the city. Instead of building a boulevard on top of the tunnel ZUS insisted on making a public domain that enables new encounters between the eastern part of the city and the centre. A series of new places like the Lourdeplein, the Parkbuurt and the Oranjepark, create new opportunities for urban life. Both traffic junctions, Geusselt and Europaplein have been transformed into compact multi-layered landscapes that hide the double tunnel entrances. On the top most level they connect with the surrounding landscapes like the estate zone and the Europacampus.


Name: A2: Cité en Route
Location: Maastricht
Date: 2008
Area: 2000 ha.
Client: BA2M (BAM, AM, Royal Haskoning)
Status: Competition
Jointly with: Xeveer de Geyter Architecten, Vandehoek Coengracht Kromwijk, Alberto Nicolau