The new town Almere had an a-typical growth: first the suburban neighborhoods were built, then the city centre was erected and coming decade the waterfronts will be developed. The municipality envisioned a boulevard with high-rise so that the multitude could enjoy the view over the water. Nevertheless it would create a gap between the existing urban development and the water. Almere Dune proposes a structure of three dunes that are positioned perpendicular on the dike. In this way the waterfront is stretched out and more interesting habitats are created on the edge between forest and dune. The heart of the project is created by the central dune, the magnolia valley and the new harbor. The other dunes are separated by a forest and form small villages. The Dunes will appear like a mirage in the flat polder landscape. On the beach there will be room for large and small scale leisure facilities.


In an era of speculation and short-term investments this plan demonstrates a responsible and sustainable way of urban development. Both private investor Amvest and the city of Almere have agreed on a 30-year period in which the plan will be constructed, developed and maintained. The long-term perspective makes it possible to envision a public structure that can endure and which will not be swallowed by waves of privititization.

Name: Almere: Plan Duin
Location: Almere
Date: 2009
Area: 130 ha.
Client: Amvest
Status: In development
Jointly with: BVR, Christensen & Co