Tide City is a proposal for a housing project which can be built in various parts of the Zeeland province. The plan revolves around the experience of the dynamic river delta. Tide City consists of floating foundations which are secured to the mainland and connected by means of a bridge. The  structure reacts on the change of the environment and shapes its own habitat.  In the beginning it will change its position in accordance with the tide, leaving sedimentary marks in the soil. After a while sand formations will start to control the movement of the structure which leads to stabilization.  The sand banks generate potential for land formation, pioneer vegetation starts to grow. Slowly the first colonisation of the land take place, while the view over the water is replaced by wet vegetation. The constant movement is replaced by calm stability...
But if a storm comes again the complete process will start all over again.


Name: Tide City
Location: Zeeland
Date: 2005-2006
Area: 15 ha.
Client: Ministerie Rijkswaterstaat / RAVB
Thanks to: Huub Juurlink, John Lonsdale
Status: Exhibition, IABR 2 The Flood
Jointly with: Barbara Luns, Dimitri Tuinstra