Unlike other cities the cultural infrastructure in Rotterdam seems to slowly explode due to the pragmatic relocation of cultural institutions, schools and foundations. This means that the already thinly spread facilities will decline even further and urban culture will disappear.
To stop this cultural scattering ZUS started ‘De Dépendance – centre for urban culture.’ De Dépendance aims to be a meeting place where all the hidden cultural potential can become apparent. De Dépendance wants to show the power of joined forces. De Dépendance wants to invite everyone to give the centre of Rotterdam the cultural boost it deserves.
De Dépendance is an unsolicited project for the city by ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles], made with the support of LSI Project Investment and the Municipality of Rotterdam / Bureau Binnenstad.

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Name: De Dépendance
Location: Rotterdam
Date: 2009
Area: 900 m2
Client: Unsolicited
Status: Built