How public is out public space? This is the issue the My Public Space exhibition tried to discuss. Public space  is by definition accessible for everyone, but more and more spaces are being privatized, themed or supervised. This leads to spaces designed for specific target groups and less accessible for the general public.
Eight correspondents investigated the conditions of urban transformations in Dublin, Copenhagen, Naples, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Tirana, Brussels and Berlin. The results of this research are exhibited in eight kiosks located on different sites in Rotterdam and on the grounds of the NAi. The present location of the kiosks can be found on the website For those who want to know more, the complete research has been collected in a special newspaper.
In the NAi there was simultaneously an exhibition of 2000 years of public space through the eyes of several amateur photographers. This survey showed the development of public space through time. The Agora in Athens was used a market but was also the political, economical and cultural heart of the city. The photo exhibitions touched on a whole range of public spaces: from city edge to shopping arcade and from boulevard to museum.


Name: My Public Space Journal
Author: Elma van Boxel & Kirstian Koreman [ZUS]
Edited by: ZUS
Design: ZUS
Date: 2008
Thanks to: Powerhouse Company, Raumtaktik, Baukuh,NEST, Francesc Munoz, studio Leopold, Alen Mee Architects
Language: Dutch / English
Publisher: NAi Publishers