AU! Bouwen aan de architectuur van de zorg

The hospital of Santa Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona is a good example of a spatial strategy that is capable of managing the increase in scale of medical facilities. The various buildings are placed like pavilions on a raised platform, underneath the platform the infrastructure is organized. The raised platform creates a publicly accessible in-between space that operates independently of the internal logic of the hospital. The Randstad Health Clubs will be situated in the green areas of the Randstad, on top of traffic intersections. In this way the health clubs will also contribute to enlivenment of the underappreciated landscape.


Name: Randstad Healthclub: health urbanism
Author: ZUS et al.
Edited by: Peter Michiel Schaap et al.
Design: De Jongens Ronner
Date: 1181055600
Language: Dutch
ISBN: 978-90-811772-1-4
Price: 29,95 euro
Publisher: Platform Gras