Villa Park in the city

In the modern city private property of space seems to manifest itself more and more over collective space. The group of buildings known as the White Villa Park has also changed over the past years. Every institution has, with good intentions, placed fences and hedges in order to enforce its own position in the ensemble. This does, however, damage the coherent image that the White Villa Park could have within the city. Removing the barriers is a sensitive issue and would be to abrupt. Therefore ZUS want to initiate a velvet revolution. Operation White Park involves a number of gradual and connecting interventions. Snowflake Guerilla was the first step. The ambition was a homogenous carpet that would camouflage the differences. To achieve this 50.000 snowdrops have been planted creating a white tapestry. The flower bulbs in the soil are like a minefield waiting to explode in the spring and overshadow the fences and hedges.


Name: Operation White Park: Snowflake Guerilla
Author: ZUS et al.
Edited by: Els Brinkman
Design: Ben Laloua and Didier Pascal with Marius Hofsteden
Date: 1251821220
Language: Dutch / English
ISBN: 978-90-5662-651-8
Price: 24,50 euro
Publisher: NAi Publishers