Magazine N34, Zand

All over the world landscape is transformed to meet the demands of the modern tourism. Some places are totally dominated by tourists and the local population is driven away. Recently the Hondsrug area has become a popular attraction. The large number of tourists has made a big success of the N34; holiday and theme parks  have sprung up along the road.
But what is so special about this landscape? What is the story behind this recent transformation? What are the consequences of the consumption of the landscape for recreational purposes? And can art help make the changing landscape legible?
We have to ask ourselves the question what the future of the Hondsrug should be. Should we cherish it and emphasize its monumental and historical value? Should de Hondsrug be put on the Unesco World Heritage list, placing it under a virtual bell jar? Or is cultivation of land an historical modus operandi that should be strengthened?
The N34 Magazine is meant to start a discussion on the future of the N34 area. The magazine want to offer new perspectives on infrastructure and landscape and increase the awareness about the rapid changes both are currently going through.


Name: Van productie naar consumptie
Author: ZUS et al.
Edited by: Niels van Beek et al.
Design: Sgaar
Date: 1259083440
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Provincie Drenthe, SKOR, CBK Drenthe