Decode Space is an experimental research project investigating possibilities to enliven public spaces in the city. This requires new strategies, alliances and spatial models. The past decades public space has gone through drastic changes. The control over public spaces has increased and the public domain is more often claimed by short-lived events. Furthermore, the government is withdrawing its influence and private parties get a stronger grip on public spaces. This raises the question to which extend the government and private parties can cooperate in the production and management of public space.


Name: Deocode Space: nieuwe perspectieven op de publieke ruimte
Author: ZUS, Studio Popcorn, Powerhouse Company, Andries Geerse, Johan de Wachter
Edited by: ZUS
Design: TEST, Kim Engbers
Date: 2007
Language: Dutch
ISBN: 978-90-804473-9-4
Publisher: AIR