Op Zuid: De kunst van Rotterdam-Zuid

The redevelopment of Rotterdam Zuid is well under way. Art plays an important role in this process of city renewal, especially in the public domain. What do artists, designers, photographers and writers think about Zuid? How do they weigh its urbanity and how do they experience the dynamics of this part of the city. In which urban stories does  Zuid play a role?
Op Zuid offers a unique perspective on the cultural renaissance of Rotterdam. The borders between fact and fictions are completely transgressed, generating an image of a fascinating city. Op Zuid shares the debate about redevelopment and urbanity with its readers.


Name: Stadsentree Vaanplein
Author: ZUS et al.
Edited by: Marjolijn van der Meijden, Minke Themans, Siebe Thissen
Design: Studio Minke Themans
Date: 1257095520
Language: Dutch
ISBN: 978-90-5662-719-5
Price: 29,50 euro
Publisher: NAi Publishers