At its founding ZUS presented a mission statement in the shape of a magazine. Re-ligere is an investigation of the role of a landscape architect in a modern city like Rotterdam. The classical landscape architect bases its design mostly on a long-lasting genius loci, but in a dynamic city one might better look for the more ephemeral genius situ – the spirit of the site. The relationship between the invisible landscape of urban processes and the visible landscape of urban planning and public space is explored through articles, interviews and a photo-essay. Furthermore, the magazine contains concrete proposals for various sites in Rotterdam.


Name: Re-ligere: Genius Situ
Author: Elma van Boxel & Kristian Koreman [ZUS]
Edited by: ZUS
Design: ZUS
Date: 2002
Thanks to: Katie Tedder, Joan Almekinders, Arjen Harbers
Language: Dutch
Price: 10,50 euro
Publisher: ZUS