Energy landscape

Bio Mass Plant A4

Commissioned by the energy company Eneco ZUS has developed a landscape plan for a biomass plant in the Vlietzone in The Hague. In a high density country such as the Netherlands sustainable energy is very desirable. Together with ARUP, ZUS performed an extensive research into the different possibilities of obtaining sustainable energy. We have investigated how different sustainable energy sources (wind, sun, water) can be applied. Comparing these multiple sources, we found out that biomass energy is both sustainably and spatially most appropriate for the location.

The biomass plant is designed for a small zone of no-mans-land along the A4 highway. By shaping the landscape around the biomass plant the area can now be used also for recreation. Using elements of the natural landscape surrounding the plant: polder structure, rows of trees, small ditches, the building of the biomass plant will be hardly noticeable in the landscape. And that is exactly what Eneco desires: a beautiful landscape that generates sustainable energy, while being enjoyed by people recreating in a high a quality experience of nature.


Name: Energielandschap
Location: A4, The Hague
Date: 2012
Area: 558 ha.
Client: Eneco
Status: Study
Jointly with: ARUP