Wuhu Riverside Park

Considering the planned development, the Wuhu Riverside Park will soon become the central park for the city of Wuhu. ZUS was asked to come up with a sketch design for the park.
The central concept for the park is natural wetland area with a low-maintenance planting scheme (reeds and grasses are the predominant ground cover) with a superimposed grid-system consisting of elevated walkways. The changing water levels will influence the accessibility of the walkways and the park.
The walkways consist of different routes for walking, strolling and running. The running routes are thick with trees, the stroll routes have clusters of trees and lots of places to rest, the walk routes have colorful bushes and flowers and single trees or small groups of trees. The aim is to achieve maximum contrast between the pink planted straight line bridge network and the natural wetlands below. Two types of connections vertical connections are proposed that also can serve as lookout points/landmarks in the plan.


Name: Riverside Park design
Location: Wuhu, China
Date: 2011
Area: 350 ha.
Client: City of Wuhu