Paspoel Anders

For a competition in the Flemish town of Tongeren ZUS collaborated with Bureau Bruggink on the design of 192 apartments on the location of 3 big concrete flats from the 80s. The starting point of the design is: differentiation. Both the buildings and the landscape are created by strong primary shapes. The juxtaposition of geometry creates a series of public spaces with different shapes and sizes, each with its own function and character. The public spaces are embedded in a green field of high grasses and wild flowers.
The buildings and the landscape are strongly interwoven. The various facades of each building respond to the public spaces: the color of a fa├žade is chosen based on the adjacent public space. The result is a play different of shapes, shadows and textures creating a dynamic whole: a collage city.


Name: Paspoel Anders
Location: Tongeren
Date: 2011
Area: 2 ha.
Client: Flemish Government architect
Status: Competition
Jointly with: Bureau Bruggink