After decades of neglect the Citadelpark in the Belgium city of Ghent is in great need of renovation. Together with the Flemish office maat ontwerpers ZUS was invited for a competition to formulate a renovation strategy for the park layout and the cluster of buildings at its centre.
The incremental and incoherent development of the park over time together with the dominance of the large number of (informal) activities and program, make the current park layout obscure. In addition, the museums and congress centre  in the middle of the park are in need of additional space for temporary cultural activities increasing the pressure on the park.
Park- Podium-Garden proposes a clear zoning for the different functions of the park. The starting point is the original landscape park which is restored and made more transparent  by clearing trees and undergrowth. Less but more differentiated routes through the park create a strong hierarchy increase the legibility of the park structure.
Around the central cluster of buildings a new recreational area is implemented: the podium, a recreational area for large-scale activities. Park and square meet at the promenade, a circular recreational route flexible in use. At the centre of the podium the Floraliënhal will be the new heart of the Citadelpark; its main volume opened up and transformed into a public winter garden.


Name: Citadelpark: Park, Podium, Garden
Location: Ghent
Date: 2011
Area: 25 ha.
Client: Vlaams Rijksbouwmeester
Jointly with: MAAT ontwerpers