Landschapsplan Breezicht

a flexible landscape plan

Within the flexible master plan for Stadshagen+ in Zwolle, which ZUS developed together with Kuiper Compagnons, ZUS also designed a landscape plan for the area of Breezicht. Breezicht will be a rural area and consist of small and compact ‘hamlets’ (or buurtschappen) in an ‘open’ landscape. This landscape is the backbone of the plan. Only a small part of the plan, however, will be determined at this point. For the rest of the area only the basic principles are fixed in the master plan, the elaboration of the design will follow at a later stage. Key elements are a green heart, five green corridors (separating the hamlets), a useable (programmatic) landscape and a list of possible typologies for the hamlets.

The plan is illustrated by one map showing the fixed elements as well as the overall principles, combined with three possible scenario’s showing the flexibility of the plan (by means of the shifting landscape and built area). By making a start with part of the plan at an early stage spatial quality grow can grow over time. The separate hamlets are also ideal for incremental development: one village after the other can be built in the landscape. The master plan guarantees the quality and quantity of the green space surrounding the villages while allowing for the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.


Name: Landschapsplan Breezicht
Location: Stadshagen, Zwolle
Date: 2011-2012
Area: 75 ha.
Client: Municipality of Zwolle
Status: In development