The edge of a city used to be clearly recognizable. Today the city fringe is an amalgam of business areas, isolated farms, endless suburbs, highway ramps and a multitude of obscure riding schools and allotment gardens. This jumble forms the gradual entry of the city eventually leading to the city centre. The city entrance has become a diffuse backside dominated by highways and intersections.
There is, however, a lot of informal activity in this periphery. Activities which cause nuisance in living areas can be found here: motocross, fixing cars, illegal camping, horseback riding… Tolerant zones are scarce in urban areas and the ring is the perfect place for noisy, dirty and subversive activities.


The part of the city within the ring is being densified more and more, leaving less and less open space/landscape. In this light these fringe activities could be seen as the ultimate buffer. It would be interesting to change this backside into the city front; into a metropolitan Ringpark of almost 1500 acres. To make such a park it is necessary to connect all the isolated areas so large circuits can be created. These circuits can be linked with existing (small scale) infrastructure making it accessible for the inhabitants of the city. The citizens of Rotterdam can appropriate the now unused spaces, creating a colorful collection of motocross tracks and paintball arenas.

Name: Vaanplein
Location: Rotterdam
Date: 2009
Area: 1450 ha.
Client: CBK Rotterdam
Status: Study