The Park of the 21st century is the answer to the increasing demand for recreation, nature and fresh air in the increasingly urbanized Randstad.
Our park is placed transverse on the existing structure of the landscape: a Dwarsligger. The park creates a connection between the lake district of the Groene Hart and the dunes on the coast by means of two egdes that run straight through the polder, from ringvaart to ringvaart. One of the edges is a stretched undulating dune landscape with high viewpoints and large pine forests. The other edge is a new water-rich area with islands and swamps. In between these edges there will be vast and varied landscape measuring one by eight kilometers. Through the landscape there will be new recreational routes that will cross the heavy infrastructure (the A4 highway and the high speed train line) at different levels. These routes will make the new landscape and recreational facilities accessible for inhabitants as well as visitors. Besides being a park the plan creates beautiful starting points for the development adjacent housing and business areas.


Name: Park van de 21ste eeuw: Dwarsligger
Location: Haarlemmermeer
Date: 2008
Area: 1000 ha.
Client: Municipality of Haarlemmermeer
Status: Competition
Jointly with: BVR, Feddes/Olthof