After years of spectacular architecture and high-rise buildings we have finally come to a point where there is again interest in the perception from eye level. This means that next to keeping the city ‘schoon, heel en veilig’ (clean, intact and safe) we need to make lively public spaces of good quality, that different groups can make use of.
The publication ‘New Locality Rotterdam’ is the result of a study initiated as a reaction on the municipal plan ‘Verbonden Stad’. This plan states that next to connecting different areas and increasing their accessibility, it is also important to create specific places that can contribute to the public domain. Rotterdam has a lot of homogenous public space, the municipal plan emphasizes the importance of places in order to increase the urbanity and residential quality. New Locality Rotterdam investigates, through a large number of public spaces, the possibilities to initiate these changes. New Locality Rotterdam looks to use existing potential to create place-specific qualities.


Name: New Locality
Location: Rotterdam
Date: 2008
Area: 900 ha.
Client: Municipality of Rotterdam
Status: Study