Frozen Symphony

Printemps a Grand-Bigard was an exhibition with spring flowers on the 17th century estate of Grand-Bigard on the edge of Brussels. The working method was borrowed from the Baroque garden design. Without a preset design, real-time interventions were made attuned to the conditions on the site. In one case (Rinforzando)  this led to long lines across the estate. Somewhere else in a bowl-shaped area an ‘accelerating spiral’ was made (Accelerando). The successive gardens, all with specific patterns, encourage the visitor to move through the landscape.


Name: Printemps a Grand-Bigard
Location: Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium
Date: 2001-2006
Area: 14 ha.
Client: Chateau de Grand-Bigard
Status: Built
Photographs by Denis Guzzo