Rotterdam could have looked very different from what it does today if Witteveen’s plan had been put into action in 1945 or the plan for a large roundabout in the Old port had been taken up or even if the plan for the champagne glasses at Central Station had become reality.
However, these are all what ifs…
This is what the exhibition’s main focus is, ‘What if…’.
This is the main focus of the exhibition…
This exhibition shows the visitor what Rotterdam would have looked like if other plans and choices had been made after the Second World War. These choices could have made Rotterdam into a metropolitan city or even the total opposite, into a small urban town. 
There are four panorama’s show us how the city could have looked from the North, South, East and West. There are three images:  the city as it is now, as a metropolitan city and as a small urban town.
Welcome to the city that never was!


Name: Rotterdam Nooit Gebouwd
Location: Rotteram
Date: 2009-2010
Client: Historisch Museum Rotterdam
Thanks to: Paul Groenendijk
Photographs by Maarten Laupman