ZUS has been commissioned to design thirteen bridges involved in the Hoogwatergeul Veessen-Wapenveld. This project is part of a national program ‘Room for the River’ that aims to safeguard the Netherlands against higher water levels.


Kerkdijk basic situation


Kerkdijk when high-water channel is open


Kerkdijk high water


Kerkdijk lock gates


Kerkdijk basic situation





The Hoogwatergeul (high-water channel) is a unique project: when the water levels in the IJssel critically rise, the channel will be opened as a by-pass for the river. The channel will be bridged by two main civil works with a span of approximately 800 meters. The southern bridge features integrated lock gates that can be opened and closed in relation to the height of the water level, as in the Deltaworks. The eleven other bridges are much smaller in span but comparible in design and style.
The character of the bridges is that of a solid, safe civil work, carefully integrated into the landscape. The functionality of the high-water channel is made comprehensible through subtle signage. The design emphasises spaciousness, transparency and silence of the landscape. An interdisciplinary team of architects, landscape architects and engineers collectively collaborates in creating an integral and holistic design for every element in the Hoogwatergeul. The engineering team consists of Boskalis and van Hattum en Blankevoort; with the landscaping plan and project supervision fronted by landscape architect Lodewijk Baljon. The commission for the Hoogwatergeul Veessen-Wapenveld has led ZUS to be involved in a number of other Delta-projects, such as the Post-Sandy Initiative.

more information: www.ruimtevoorderivier.nl/

Name: Hoogwatergeul Veessen-Wapenveld
Location: Veessen-Wapenveld
Date: implementation 2016
Area: 8 km2 land, 16 km1 of dikes / embankment, 2 large bridges of 800 meter span and 11 smaller bridges and civil works
Client: Waterschap Vallei & Veluwe
Jointly with: Combinatie IJsselweide (Boskalis+van Hattum en Blankevoort), Lodewijk Baljon