De Tuin | United

The coming seven years the old cattle fodder factory the Heus will transform into
d e t u i n | u n i t e d; a space where renowned artists will be able to create their own garden. The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch is the main inspiration. On this painting Bosch tried to capture humanity in a triptych. The left panel shows man in all his innocence to a backdrop of an unspoiled paradise. Hell is shown on the right; a nightly scene depicting all the sins known to man. In the middle of these two extremes one can see daily life; man struggling to survive, oscillating between desire and austerity. The painting focuses on the concepts of innocence, lust and sin. In
d e t u i n | u n i t e d these concepts are translated to our modern society.
To clearly mark the amorphous factory a ‘picture frame’ is designed around the complex. The frame literally isolates the complex from its surroundings. The triptych is formed by a three-way corridor that runs through the complex, the three panels of the painting by three zones within d e t u i n | u n i t e d : PAUSE, PLAY and FAST FORWARD.


The Pause Zone is one of innocence, tranquility and reflection. This zone is situated on the north side of the factory grounds, on the water front. It offers space for meditation, reading, recreation and relaxation. The landscape is a natural, ecological wetland with twisting and turning pathways. Within this landscape specific places are created for contemplation. These places are created making use of the existing buildings and structures but also by adding new elements.

The western zone, near the railway track, is characterized by lust. In contemporary terms this is an area for daily functions like housing, food production, sports, education, consumption, celebration and above all growing. The will be space for experimentation, for vegetable and flower gardens, performances and actual living.
The layout of the landscape is clear and orthogonal. The big sheds will be opened up and integrated with the landscape. The rest of the existing buildings will be transformed for new forms of use.

Fast Forward
 Fast Forward is designated for ‘sin’; for pushing and crossing boundaries. This zone is located on the south-eastern part of the factory. The courtyard offers space for large-scale events.  In and around the buildings there will be space for games, clubbing, nightly activities, bungee jumping, graffiti and boozed-up conversations.
All functions and events will be sign posted with neon letters and signboards. This area will be dominated by bright colors and shiny materials.

The picture frame
The corridors themselves remain empty: they serve as neutral intermediates from which the zones can be accessed: a space for encounter and exchange.

Name: De Tuin | United
Location: Den Bosch
Date: 2011
Area: 1.7 ha.
Client: De Tuin | United
Status: In development