Huis op Zuid

For the upcoming redevelopment of an old public swimming pool Vestia and Estrade asked ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] to do a location specific building mass study. The Huis op Zuid will become an important connection between the areas of Stadstuinen and Afrikaanderwijk with an address directly on the Laan op Zuid.
On this central spot in Rotterdam Zuid the new swimming pool will be extended with other urban functions like sports, retail and housing. The ambition is to create an accessible , big and recognizable buildings: a fysical link tying the surrounding neighborhoods and shopping streets together. The building will have economical as well as social significance for the area.

The study design focusses on the most interesting public space: a square situated at the North-Western side of the building. The spaces along the dike and the Laan op Zuid are very suitable for various activities (like a café with terrace). Placing the public and private program right next to each other conveniently separates them without losing potential synergy. The result is a readable and manageable organization of the site.


Name: Huis op Zuid
Location: Rotterdam Zuid
Date: 2010-2011
Area: 10.000 m2
Client: Estrade and Vestia
Status: In progress