The city of Rotterdam has been focusing on its skyline appearance for a long time. Meanwhile its public domain is dominated by infrastructure and large scale programme. This has lead to a rather inhospitable appearance. Therefore we used the competition for a slow traffic bridge connecting two piers to add a new, or very rare typology to the urban fabric.
The pillars of the bridge are enlarged in order to house small-scale functions such as a flower boutique, a newspaper kiosk, a coffee corner, a Chinese tea house and some Honeymoon suites for Hotel New York. Thus the Rijnhavenstraat tries to establish a mental gradient between the cosmopolitan Wilhelminapier and the residential Katendrecht. Secondly it makes a connection with the water by the balconies that touch the water. One can also be dropped off by a water taxi.
The bridge becomes instead of another piece of infrastructure a real street. A place for flourishing daily life activities, to do some shopping, to eat and drink or just to meet.  


Name: Rijnhavenbrug
Location: Rotterdam
Date: 2008
Area: 1400 m2
Client: Municipality of Rotterdam
Thanks to: IV-Infra Amsterdam
Status: Competition