Bazar Curieux

Due to it’s Harbour, Rotterdam is a city of immigrants. More than half the population is basically of foreign origin while the other half consists of a multitude of regional communities who chose to live in the city. This makes Rotterdam both diverse and complex at the same time.
The new City Museum Rotterdam will be a place where the city can be experienced in all its ambiguities, where social and spatial contrasts are intensified and where Rotterdam will experiment with new forms of urbanity. The story, or better the multiplicity of tales on which the city is built, will be told in many different ways here. From an historical point of view, situated in the New Laurens Gallery, as well as from the perspective of the present future packed together in floating exhibition and performance volumes and held up high by a set of programmatic columns.


These stories are constantly produced and re-produced in the city itself. Therefore as part of both the public domain and a ‘productive part’ of the City Museum an urban space is created which stimulates cultural-economical experiments: Bazar Curieux. Think of street sales, small services and art auctions. In one of the 26 columns a ‘neighbourhood in residence’ is situated and establishes contact with Rotterdam’s residential areas. Upstairs there can even be found some small hotel rooms for short-stay visitors that want to grasp the couleur local.
The two main volumes of this cultural landscape: the Laurens Gallery and the City Museum, introduce new spatial relations which will lift Grote Kerkplein out of its neglect. In the middle of the square we can find the statue of Desiderius Erasmus, who was at the cradle of the humanistic tradition on which this city was built. The Bazar Curieux continues this tradition and contributes to the future history of Rotterdam.
The City Museum is the solidification of a possible new form of urbanity.

Name: Stadsmuseum: Bazar Curieux
Location: Rotterdam
Date: 2007
Area: 8500 m2
Client: RAVB
Thanks to: Helena Casanova
Status: Study