The current consensus is that man is a big contributing factor to the current climate change. CO2 emission increases the greenhouse effect, warming up the earth and making the sea level rise. But in fact this will happen no matter what, with or without human involvement. Geological research has shown that throughout history there is a cycle of 120.000 years, in which the sea level between fluctuates between 6 meters above and 120 meters below NAP.
TU Delft and TNO, in collaboration with ZUS, looked for a  way to communicate these scientific facts to the general public. The result is a traveling exhibitions along the Europeans coastline starting on the beach of Katwijk.
Here history is contained in a black box, just like in an airplane. The black cube measuring 6 x 6 x 9 meters is accessible via a large wooden staircase. Visitors climb via another staircase on the north side of the building to a height of 6 meters above NAP. Here the journey through 120.000 years of sea level dynamics can begin. The flat climate curve has been folded into a three dimensional stairwell, turning the history into an experience.


Name: Spiegelzee
Location: Katwijk
Date: 2008
Area: 118m2
Client: TNO / TU Delft
Status: Built
Jointly with: Jelle Blokzijl (TNO), K en A
Photographs by Denis Guzzo, model photo by Ivo Haarman