The Laurenschurch is one of the few historical gems Rotterdam still possesses and therefore deserves protection. We must however also be critical in assessing the function of this originally Catholic church, subsequently taken over by the protestants, which has always been a place where all layers of society have met. Today, the church is above all a party location and podium for the elite. It is time the Grote Laurenschurch openness its doors for the whole of Rotterdam society. By making a second entrance at the back an interesting passage is created connecting the Binnenrotte (produce market) with the Grote Kerkplein (second hand market). Within the church there will be room for cafes and cultural institutions. A massive glass box is placed over the church symbolizing a huge capsule to protect from climate influences. More over it exposes the church as something vulnerable.


Name: Laurensgallery
Location: Rotterdam
Date: 2001-2007
Area: 2600 m2
Client: Unsolicited
Status: Study