Debate in the Schouwburg: ‘A Sense of Belonging’


This year’s “Internationale Keuze Debat”, the conference traditionally organized by the Rotterdam City Theater as part of its International Theater Festival, explores the role that theater as a public practice can play in the search for viable forms of solidarity in our so-called post-democratic society.
Given the connection between A Sense of Belonging’s subject and the 4th IABR’s theme of Open City: Designing Coexistence, both spotlighting the importance of active citizenship in public space, the Rotterdam City Theater invited the IABR to join the conference. The IABR asked Kristian Koreman of ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensible), office for (Landscape) Architecture, to participate in the conference. Other speakers include Benjamin Barber, Anton Zijderveld and Nataliya Golofastova, and moderation is by Pieter Hilhorst.


Name: A Sense of Belonging